Stacking Chairs

Our stacking chairs have been specifically designed for banqueting and functions - they're neat, they're elegant and they stack easily for excellent storage. You'll find our prices HARD TO BEAT. Call us for our Price List
That means you and your customers can hold as much extra stock of function chairs as necessary without over-using the available space. Our current lines of stacking chairs reflect classic as well as contemporary designs, ensuring that there is something there for every conceivable type and class of function in every space and every place.

Check out our amazing Ice stacking chairs for a real modern look and feel (they're made of 100% recycled materials, they stack up to 10 units high and they look like they’ve really been hewn from ice!); or how about our Emperor, Cheltenham or Chiavari banqueting chairs, which would look just as at home in a 19th century drawing room as they do at any number of weddings, functions or special events? The Emperor range is built from strong steel and aluminium supports, which ensure both long life and supreme protection whilst stacked. As with all of our chairs, the fabric of the cushions and back rest is easy clean and superlatively tough - it will repel most normal liquid splashes and takes only minimal time and effort to clean back to factory condition. For long lasting, extraordinary designs and value, our stacking chairs are second to none.

There's a lot of history behind our designs. We've taken classic shapes and colour combinations and made them into gorgeous looking replicas that give you all the glory of the original (the Emperor chair, for example, was originally designed to inhabit a Japanese palace, while the Ice chair has been seen at more than one Royal event), plus the unbeatable tensile strength and ease of cleaning that our multi use banqueting chairs have come to symbolise. You get the best of all worlds - and your guests, or your customer's own clients, go away feeling that they've been treated like kings and queens.

We've taken a great deal of trouble to ensure that we have at least one design line for every taste and occasion. Try our Madera stacking chairs for total modern functionality - they're ideal for conferences and corporate events. Or check out the more regal ranges like the Emperor for that red letter event hire. Whatever be the requirement, our chairs will fit the bill - and they'll stack easily, neatly and will not be broken after every event.

Our Latest Special Offers

We have a constantly-changing stock of all types of Stacking Chairs and are hence able to offer Fantastic One-Time only Deals to our customers on a regular basis, so why not contact us and see what special offers we have available RIGHT NOW?

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